Route 1

Sights along US Route 1 in Maine during October 2016.


Christmas Tree Farm

My parents are adventurous, exploring foodies who love day trips. It’s not at all uncommon to travel to a neighboring state on any given weekend.

A few years ago, on such a trip to Asheville, NC they noticed small signs for a Christmas tree farm. They followed the signs to what would become a family tradition.

Duckett Christmas Tree Farm is a generational family-owned business in Clyde, NC. If you’re a return customer, you’ll likely be recognized. Regardless, you always feel welcome.


CTF_112215_SClark_30At Duckett’s you can find the tree that’s right for you. My parents always get an over-sized Christmas tree that has to be trimmed to fit into the house. This year, I got my own Christmas tree…it’s about two steps up from a Charlie Brown tree and I couldn’t be more proud!

Duckett’s also sells preserves, coffees, and hand-made wreaths. It’s just a nice little place and I’m glad my parents followed the signs to this family tradition.