Christmas Tree Farm

My parents are adventurous, exploring foodies who love day trips. It’s not at all uncommon to travel to a neighboring state on any given weekend.

A few years ago, on such a trip to Asheville, NC they noticed small signs for a Christmas tree farm. They followed the signs to what would become a family tradition.

Duckett Christmas Tree Farm is a generational family-owned business in Clyde, NC. If you’re a return customer, you’ll likely be recognized. Regardless, you always feel welcome.


CTF_112215_SClark_30At Duckett’s you can find the tree that’s right for you. My parents always get an over-sized Christmas tree that has to be trimmed to fit into the house. This year, I got my own Christmas tree…it’s about two steps up from a Charlie Brown tree and I couldn’t be more proud!

Duckett’s also sells preserves, coffees, and hand-made wreaths. It’s just a nice little place and I’m glad my parents followed the signs to this family tradition.


Knoxville at Night

I haven’t taken much night photography…mostly because my camera gets grainy past an ISO of 800. I’m also not big on using flash. But, I’m trying to expand my horizons. So, last night I spent a couple of hours with a fellow photog taking some shots in the dark.

Walking down Artists’ Alley, I could see the texture and colors of graffiti in a new, intriguing way.

In Sculpture Park, I mixed flash photography with nature.

Finally, I saw everything from a new perspective on top of the Market Square parking garage.

The expansion into night photography was tough, but fun, and I’ll keep trying it.